Working in the big city

About a year ago I finished up a Master’s in business. Seriously the most worthless degree out there in my opinion. But because of this degree, and experience chalked up with church youth group volunteering I landed a decent job at a well respected University in Northern Ohio.

Let me tell you about my experiences there so far…

Day zero. 

I’m a small town girl. Small town, like we have one or two 24 hour gas stations. Our local schools have a huge FFA program. And we have drive your tractor to school day. In our community it’s not uncommon to see Amish buggies and to drive down a country road and see the Amish plowing their fields with horses and plows that you stand on. It’s a serene world in these parts. I first got a call to do a phone interview with someone at the University. It went decent enough. I was surprised though when she called me back to ask me to come up for an in-person interview. Let me tell you….the area the University is in was like a foreign land to me! No Amish buggies were to be found up here! It was downtown madness! High rise buildings, police crossing guards, and parking garages galore. Don’t get me wrong…I DO know how to park in parking garages – but this world was much different from the one I live in everyday. I seriously was like a lost puppy in the days before I started. I made a point to drive up there several times to try to get the lay of the land.



Two pictures from “my world” and two pictures of my “new work world” (though I have farming pictures on here I am not, nor will I likely ever be, a farmer)


These two pictures I find ironic because when I first saw all these downtown apartment buildings, they REALLY freaked me out. I have always lived in a HOUSE. And a decent sized house at that. Then, I see these buildings and they apparently contain apartments. Some of them are SMALL…like 300-400′ feet. That is like the size of my bedroom at home. Now the busses. I will admit, public transportation still freaks me out. I wouldn’t consider myself backwoods or incompetent…just in my neck of the worlds we don’t HAVE busses that people use on a regular basis.


I have tentatively tried using the shuttle systems that my employer provides. But even that is weird. You’re supposed to call out your stop right before you get that. Which works IF YOU KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING! The whole shuttle systems works best though when the shuttle actually stops when and where it should – which it never seems to stop when I need it to.

Key/Swipe cards...are just weird. You have to have these biochipped IDs to get throughout many places on campus. That includes getting in and out of parking garages. This would have been helpful to know before I tried getting into and out of my garage on the first day. What a disaster! But then I figured out that they ID they gave me, was also the “key” to getting into my garage and out of my garage. Strange things.

More to come on the life in Northern Ohio at a later time and date…from my small town girl perspective. All I can do some days…is put one foot in front of the other and “just keep swimming.”


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