Speedy Gonzalez – (Daily prompt)


Speedy Gonzalez. A fond cartoon memory for some, a former nickname for me. Probably the most awesome gift I have ever received for a birthday was a 4-wheeler (ATV) when I turned 12. My dad always worked hard, but this year he had been working a LOT of overtime. For sometime I had wanted one, though I don’t recall specifically asking for one. But I grew up hanging out with the guys in family, my dad, my grandpa, my three uncles, and whatever random family friend was around. I loved to hang out in the garage at the car lot my family owned. I loved the fumes associated with stripping cars down and repainting them. Toxic? Yes…but nonetheless I loved those smells.

So my 4-wheeler. My parents took me to the car lot that day. I was bored and they were coaxing me towards the window, all with weird grins on their faces. I look out back and there in the back, was a small, my sized 4-wheeler. Of course, I was the only kid around and screeched out “IS THAT FOR MEEEEEE?” My parents laugh and say yes…and I was off. I broke axels, rolled it, crashed it, and then BAM…when I was 15 my parents decided I was too tom-boyish and it was literally just GONE one day. I cried. A lot.

So why was I Speedy Gonzalez? Because I never walked anywhere – I always ran. And I never just RODE 4-wheeler or my bike or my skateboard, I rode like I was in a race and had no option to lose. If there was a boy around, I beat him. One of my teachers saw me racing down the road one day (we live in the country and it was a small town) and gave me nickname…and it stuck. So Mr Bach…thanks…you are the reason for today’s blog post.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”


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