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Whitney is my dog. She was the closest “person” to me when I read this so I thought i would get her take on what she’s thinking about. Right now Whitney is hiding…from the MEAN and SCARY fireworks that she heard last night. Tonight she’s acting like she’s shell shocked – as she does every 5th of July. Last night I decided that in future years I would be seeking professional pet help so Whitney is not so traumatized and terrified for future 4th of July dates.

So right now, Whitney is lounging around my upstairs hiding from possible impending booms that kept her up and anxious most of last night. When she wasn’t pacing around and whining, she was sitting terrified behind a chair, a toilet, or hugging someones lap. Luckily this only happens once per year. But right now Whitney is still frightened that she will have another long night of the shuddering BOOMS that terrified her last night. 

While my neighbors are outside hooting and carrying on – My poor Whitney is destroying my house. While others are out and about laughing, joking, drinking, and setting off and watching various firework displays – I am playing psychologist to my dog. Last night she paced, then went behind my chair, dug in the floor, sighed, walked out from the chair, paced some more, went under my bed, dug under my bed, finally lay down (sigh) and before I knew it she was up again…making an endless loop of pace, dig, whine, lay, pace,…

So from this frustrated pet owner. If you are planning a 4th of July bash and you know your neighbor(s) has a dog or cat or even little kids – kindly let them know you plan on being loud and rambunctious and you are kindly letting them know because you know they have dogs/cats/critters/kids. Be kind. Be considerate. Let nearby pet owners know you have a loud party planned. Even so – some pet psychologist somewhere thanks you because she will soon have MY dog to deal with.

Whitney says to tell everyone that dogs are like little little kids: they get scared by loud noises, don’t like big booms, don’t like big scary things, and Whitney just doesn’t see WHY anyone would enjoy making all that racket. She prefers things to be a bit more calm and quiet. She said anyone visiting her neighbor dogs should kindly consider NOT making any noise – because it scares her. For days and days. And she just doesn’t like it.


From Whitney’s thoughts to my keyboard…one little doggie tells her story

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “S/he Said.”


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