Sites I like…

So, where does one begin blogging? What does one blog about? When I was thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about I thought I would look at some other sites to see what draws ME to THEM. So here are some:

It’s just randomness,

Cool and unique gadgets,

With a name like Bored Panda, what’s not to like?,


Artwork and such

Ever since I was young I have loved to be creative. So I decided to share some of this stuff with everyone. I don’t mind criticism but please keep in mind that art is about expression. Negative comments or those deemed inappropriate will be deleted. I may add comments or insights to works as I add them. Each of these items are things either drawn or photographed by me. Artwork may only be downloaded or used with my permission. I have not revealed the places these photographs were taken and I ask that if you know where they were taken that you not post that on here. I would like for my identity to remain unknown for as long as humanly possible.

479986_10200481996390735_1113581692_n Basic sketch with no editing

1073335_10201244668577063_1329836086_o-1 Sketch with some editing

1268276_10201736386709709_1024212466_o Photo at a local historic/preserve area

treewings Modified sketch of the one below.

treewingsoutline Another sketch

window cross A reminder that Christ is with me all the time…I looked out my window at work one day and saw this phone pole and it reminded me of the cross. Simplicity at it’s best.

198903_1007244379679_3124_n (2) Taken by me in a local garden area (which shall remain unnamed and undisclosed so as to further conceal my identity)

1928732_1088863540107_221_n A quick 30 second drawing and Photoshop

224674_1053258890013_8511_n (1) Pier in the panhandle area of Florida

1928732_1088863500106_9811_n Something I sketched out, scanned, then Photoshopped.

231164_1053258930014_9559_n A church I saw in Florida

194534_4446025067047_1785215666_o Saw this sunset as I was by a church. Loved the framing so I had to capture it. In my unprofessional and somewhat biased opinion…this really shows God’s beauty and glory in the world around me. Think what you will…but this picture is beautiful regardless of your personal beliefs.

47763_10201319330683569_1450250483_n (2) Me, Myself, and I. Please don’t try to cyber stalk me and find out who I really am…

Name choosing

As infants we have little to no say in the name that is given to us. However, as anonymous bloggers we are free to choose our own names. Simply put…that is what I have done. Why “zaddapanda57”? Why not? I love names and love name definitions. I think our names really help explain who we are. The name Zada (my spelling Zadda) means fortunate or huntress, or lucky one. As with many things, there seem to be multiple definitions of this name. Why choose panda to go along with Zada? Well…it rhymed. I also like the fact that pandas will just randomly lie down on the ground, something I would do if I could. I mean, who would not want to just stop where they are and lie down? Really.

Really, this life is about nothing and this blog is about everything. I guess you could say it is an oxymoron. I may write ten times a day or one time per year…it is hard to tell.

I was sitting here today thinking about how ironic life is. Yesterday I attended the funeral showing of a high school age person. The family and friends of this young person had great community support. Yet, it is really sad that it takes death sometimes to show people how much they were loved. Why is it that we cannot show each other, in this life, how much one is appreciated? Why did it take this young person dying for the community, high school kids, other family members, and friends…to really rally and show support? It is great that the family now has support…but what about three months from now? What about before this person’s death? Why can we not bring ourselves to find kind words for each other until it is too late? Now, don’t get me wrong, this was not a case where this person took their own life…it was simply a life cut short because of a condition within the human body. We should not wait until tragedy to speak our minds…we should not wait until tragedy to tell someone they are appreciated. And we should not wait until tragedy to realize that life is short.

Before this day is over, before this week is over…talk to that person you pass each day and have never spoken to. Speak a kind word to a stranger. Talk to the weird kid at lunch who never seems to talk to anyone. Even if they never speak back…at least you can have the knowledge that you tried to be friendly, that you tried to act human. That you tried to talk to that lonely person. That you took the time to light up a room with your magnetic (or not so magnetic) personality.

Sometimes…all we can do is try.