The Gift of a Lifetime…Ick-tastic

What is the perfect gift? Well that question is hard to answer. The perfect gift to one person, may be a dreadful gift for another.

What we are discussing today is an ick-tastic gift, that is TRULY unique. The best part about this ick-tastic gift? It is absolutely free. This gift is as unique as you wish it to be. So how does one make this ick-tastic gift? First, you must start by collecting. A sandwich bag and rubber gloves to collect would be advisable.

It is really quite simple…The next time you walk into that public bathroom, only to find that someone before you has left something behind…collect it! The next time you clean your bathtub drain…collect it! The next time you see a brush with many stray hairs…collect them! No longer do you have to worry about what to do with all that hair! How you choose to give your collection is up to you. You may make a crafty handmade gift, or you may simply choose to use your collection as packing to the “real” gift.



May the creative genius in you be unleashed!

* Note – I am not responsible from “things caught” from your collections. This is a creative blog only. I am merely suggesting useful ways in which you may take normally unwanted things. NOT responsible for any injury or disease caught by collecting your ick-tacular gift.

Ick-gift-tacular gift ideas: necktie with your hair collection stuck to it, a stick on mustache, a nice scarf, a cute plastic animal (crafting glue should work nicely!), gorilla slippers, or a nice t-shirt that says “All I got for my birthday was this ICK-TACULAR shirt” (be sure to include a nice note that tells that washing is not recommended…and I am not certain HOW to make the hair stick to a shirt).

Send in your pictures of your ick-tacular gift today! 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Embrace the Ick.”


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